Basic Home Care

Comprehensive home maintenance, collect mail, receive deliveries, water plants, clean windows, outdoor gardening, lawn mowing, garbage disposal, pool maintenance, winter check-ins, housekeeping, pet care, and more.

Intermediate Home Care

Comprehensive vacation rental management, comprehensive guest services, carpet cleaning, decluttering, winterizing, snow removal, summer setup, appliance repair, and emergency situations.

Advanced Home Repair

Comprehensive project management, multi-service coordination, floor repair, carpet replacement, deep-cleaning, landscaping, interior and exterior painting, HVAC, roofing repair, moving and storage, pest control, custom closet work, fencing, electrical work, kitchen improvements, bathroom improvements, pool and tennis court services, water heating and plumbing repair, septic repair, and more.


Our concierge services begin at $55 per visit for any reason up to 1 hour and $40 per each additional hour. For outside services and repair work that you would like us to organize for you, we charge a 10% fee. To have your vacation rental listed on our website, we charge 25% of the total rental fees.

Interested in a service not listed here? We can create a customized plan for your home. Call/text Peggy at (312) 804-6000 to learn more.